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What is a brand?

When we question about the definition of the word “brand”, we think that a brand is a symbol, a name, an identity, a figure and/or a three-dimensional shape used by manufacturers, merchants, independent professionals, entities or companies to identify the products or the services of their activities.

By means of the brand, the products and the services are differentiated, identified and individualized on the consumer market.

Upon request of registration of a trademark at the National Industrial Property Institute – INPI, exclusive right to use trademark in its branch of activity is assured to the holder, thus, impeding non-authorized third parties to use it.

Athos Propriedade Intelectual assures full assistance to its clients, since research to concession of the trademark.


Patent, from Latin patere means “make public”. The word patent is used to identify an ownership of property on an invention or a utility model.

Their public concession is granted by the State to the inventors (legal entities or individuals), holding the right of invention of a product, a process of manufacturing or improvement of already existing products and processes.

By means of patents, the creation can be commercially and exclusively explored nationally.

Athos Propriedade Intelectual has highly qualified and specialized team to elaborate the whole technical description, assuring full security and secrecy to its clients.


Protection of an Industrial Drawing covers the ornamental plastic shape of an object or an ornamental set of lines and colors, which can be applied to a product, providing it with new and totally original look in its external configuration as a result.

For better understanding, the purpose of the Registration of Industrial Drawings is to protect exclusively the "design" of a product.


Copyright is a set or prerogatives granted by a law to its holder (individual or legal entity) to be able to use the moral and material benefits resulting from his/her creations.

In summary, a copyright is the right, which protects intellectual consumption works, such as artistic, literary, publicity, cinematographic, musical works and characters.

Athos Propriedade Intelectual provides its clients with all assistance for the realization and the protection of their creations.


Registration of software at the National Industrial Property Institute is fundamental to protect computer programs against piracy or disloyal competition. Software are also of creative and inventive nature, and therefore, they qualify for copyright registration.

Athos Propriedade Intelectual assists its clients in all stages of the process, assuring full protection of their rights.


To be successful on the Internet and make your company known worldwide, it is necessary for you to have a domain name registered in advance.

Domain is a name used to locate and identify groups of computers on the internet. Commonly, it is known as “electronic address”.

Athos Propriedade Intelectual assists its clients in all stages of registration of their domains.


As Industrial Property Agents and Attorneys, we have knowledge and partnership with international agents for protection of trademarks and patents abroad.

In a globalized world, the protection of trademarks and patents on international markets is extremely important for the Brazilian companies with operations abroad or those, which want to integrate new markets.


Athos Propriedade Intelectual places lawyers specialized in Intellectual and Industrial Property at its clients´ disposal to guide them in juridical issues, and provide adequate technical-juridical support during the administrative procedures before the National Industrial Property Institute and in the litigation area.


Athos Propriedade Intelectual complies with the specific legislation offered by Anvisa, an agency responsible for: Legalization of Companies and Regularization of Food Products, Cosmetics, Cleaning Agents and Healthcare Products.

National Health Surveillance Agency - ANVISA

Regional Health Surveillance – VISA’s

Municipal Health Surveillance Coordination - COVISA

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supplies – MAPA