Aiming at beginner businessmen, we adopted an accessible economic policy for your brand to be registered fairly.


A: Less than imagined, our company has adopted an economic policy, which aims at beginner businessmen, enabling the companies to afford registering their trademarks.

Athos does not charge fees for research, publication, concession or annual fees, we charge only upon request of registration and deferral of the process, as INPI, which charges the federal tax related to these two phases.

Even though, we esteem excellence of the provided services and to keep quality with this value, we have to work with volume and currently, we have about 5,000 processed in file, which we follow up.
Coca-Cola is the most valuable brand in the world, according to the sixth annual ranking elaborated by the North-American magazine Business Week in partnership with Interbrands consulting, which identifies the 100 most competitive global brands.

The five leading brands in the list are the same as last year. In addition to Coca-Cola, valuing US$ 67 billion, the ranking is led by, in this order, Microsoft, valuing US$ 56.9 billion, IBM, evaluated at US$ 56.2 billion, General Electrics (GE), valuing US$ 48.9 billion, and Intel - US$ 32.3 billion.

After Intel, among the 10 biggest brands are Nokia, Toyota, Disney and McDonald's. Mercedes-Benz entered the block of the 10 leaders this year replacing Marlboro, which went down to the 12th position.

According to the specialized journal Portal da Propaganda, another big highlight is the North-American search site Google, in the 24th place, with the highest valuation from one year to the other, recording increase by 46% of its market value.

The growth of Internet commerce allowed also 18% evolution in the eBay value, ranked in the 48th place.

Gap, Ford and Kodak recorded the main drops in the list. The value of the first one decreased by 22% and led the brand to the 52nd place this year. In 2006, Ford had 16% decrease, showing its tradition in the United States is not sufficient to stop the competition from the Japanese and the German Assembly companies.

Kodak had 12% drop and was ranked in 70th place, despite of the efforts made to accompany the digital world. According to the publication, the company had to face high competition and low profitability in this niche compared to its film business.

"In most cases, the companies, which stood out in the ranking, are those, which administer their business proactively, analyzing it from the brand point of view. They recognize that their brands shall constitute the central organizing principle, given the extraordinary value they represent ", the CEO of Interbrand, Jez Frampton, affirmed.

The brand value is calculated as the net value of the profit the brand has generated in the period from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006. Brands valuing at least US$ 2.7 billion, achieve one third of their profit outside the country of origin, and have marketing and financial data available for external observation and broad population profile outside their direct client base, are analyzed.